ELS PET Self Cleaning Litter Box Review
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ELS PET Self Cleaning Litter Box Review


Having an automatic, self-cleaning litter box can make life so much easier for cat owners. No more daily scooping and dumping of litter. Just set it and forget it. The ELS PET Self Cleaning Litter Box aims to provide that convenience along with some smart features like app control and safety sensors. But does it live up to its promises? I tested out this litter box with my two cats over several weeks. Here’s my detailed review with pros, cons and final recommendation.

Key Features

  • 60L large capacity suitable for multiple cats
  • Uses mechanical arm to scoop waste
  • Pull-out waste drawer and tools for easy cleaning
  • Safety sensors to detect cat presence
  • LED lights indicate status
  • WiFi connectivity and app control
  • Ultraviolet light sterilization


Set Up

Putting together the litter box was straightforward and only took about 10 minutes. The instructions are clear with photos. I appreciated that ELS PET includes the litter scoop, cleaning tools and extra waste bags. Registration on the app was simple. Connecting to WiFi required a few tries but eventually worked.


This is one of the largest self-cleaning litter boxes I’ve seen. The domed shape provides ample interior space for even big cats to turn around. I have two moderate-sized cats and they had plenty of room. The plastic feels durable and has a sleek style with the LED light strip.

Cleaning Performance

The mechanical arm scoops waste efficiently after clumping time, which is adjustable. I have it set to 10 minutes. The pull-out drawer makes it easy to discard waste bags. The UV light is supposed to help control odors and bacteria. I haven’t noticed a huge difference but there is minimal smell.

Litter Tracking

There is a litter catching mat under the entrance which helps reduce tracking. It’s not perfect, some litter still escapes, but definitely better than normal boxes. The mat is removable for cleaning.

Noise Level

The cleaning cycle produces a soft hum that I can faintly hear from another room. It’s much quieter than I expected for a mechanical device. The noise doesn’t seem to bother my cats at all.

Safety Features

I love that this litter box has sensors to detect when a cat is inside. Whenever one of my cats jumped in, the cleaning would pause until she exited. This prevents any risk of harm. There is also a push bar on the entrance that triggers a stop if pushed.

App Controls

The app allows me to remotely start a cleaning cycle or pause the box. It displays basic usage data like number and duration of visits. I can customize the cleaning frequency and duration. One limitation is you can only register one pet profile.


  • Large capacity great for multi-cat homes
  • Cleans waste automatically
  • Easy to remove waste
  • Quiet operation
  • Safety sensors for cats
  • Pull-out mat reduces tracking
  • UV light helps control odor/germs
  • App provides remote monitoring and controls


  • Connecting to WiFi can be tricky
  • App only allows one pet profile
  • Waste drawer could be bigger
  • Mat doesn’t prevent all litter tracking
  • No advanced app features like weight tracking


The ELS PET Self Cleaning Litter Box takes the hassle out of scooping litter every day. Its large capacity, safety features and quiet performance make it ideal for multi-cat households. The app gives useful controls and monitoring. While not perfect, it delivers on the key promise of automatic cleaning. I would recommend this product to any cat owner looking for an automated litter box.

My rating: 4/5 stars

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